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Us Election 2016 forecast: Who will be the President?

us election forecast

Five Candidates are participating in US Election 2016. All candidates have good value. But mainly two candidates will have the strong competition. Accord din to US election Polls and projects US election result in the favor of Hillary Clinton. But the Donald Trump also a strong competitor of Hallery Clinton. US Election 2016 Forecast: who will be the president?

Us Election 2016 Candidates

  1. Donald Trump ( Republican Party)
  2. Hillary Clinton ( Democratic Party)
  3. Gary Johnson ( Libertarian Party)
  4. Jill Stein ( Green Party)
  5. Evan McMullin ( Independent Politician)

Us Election 2016 Polls and Results

There are so many polls were organized between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Following are few us election polls

  • Telegraph site have organized the poll and result of that poll Is Hillary Clinton is leading in that poll.
  • Realclearpolitics also arrange the poll on there website. The result of the US election Poll is Hillary Clinton is leading on other candidates.
  • NYTimes also arrange the poll. The result of the website also same like others In this poll Hillary Clinton lead on other candidates.

Us Election 2016 Forecast and prediction

According to Different website polls and live polls Hillary Clinton is going to lead on Donald Trump. But here we also going to mention that Donald Trump also a very strong candidate. He has ability to change the poll results. Hillary Clinton also has a good image in the market. The link with US elction and stock market is very strong. US elections affect stock market. US election and india also interlink with each other. This election can impact on the india economy. You can watch videos of US election candidates Speeches.

US Election 2016 Results

Us Election 2016 results will be announced here after completing the US Election balloting. After starting the belloting in the belloting room. When the results annount on local level it will be automaticaly updated on this plateform.

Us Election Live from Ballot Room