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Super Moon in Pakistan (Bara Chand Mega Moon)

super moon

Super Moon

Super Moon is actually mean that Moon has less distance than usual. This time Super Moon on 14th November 2016 at evening. People can see the Full Moon or Mega Moon in Pakistan. Moon will have the distanceĀ as on 14th November 2016 356,511 Kilo Meter from the earth.

Super Moon in PakistanĀ Time and Date

This is also called the Mega Moon. This type of moon last time seen in 1948. In this Century this is the first time any moon which is watchable.

Date: 14th November 2016

Time: 06:52 PM

Distance: 356,511 Kilo Meter

Precautions of Super Moon or Mega Moon

Precautions of Super Moon or Mega moon are following;

  • You have to avoid direct light.
  • If you want to see the moon you have to use x-rays.
  • This moon can impact on sea so avoid sea travel on this day.

This moon also called Beaver Moon. This is happening after 68 years last time it was in 1948. This time moon will be very close to earth.

Advice from NASA

The Astronomers recommend that the best time to view the supermoon during the time of rise. This also nickname as disaster moon.

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